Education is one of the key activities of CTGCT. It includes all stakeholders in the education process, starting with employees and colleagues at the centre, experts and scientists in the field of cell and gene therapies, patients and their relatives, and the general interested public.

CTGCT is an ecosystem consisting of three main audiences with a wide range of supporting actors. In the foreground are patients and their need for up-to-date information about therapeutic solutions, next to them are clinicians with a mission to help patients and, last but not least, researchers who reveal new ways to understand disease processes and possible solutions.

The translation of research discoveries into new advanced terapy medicinal products requires the cooperation of experts from different disciplines and the integration of new knowledge and technologies. The exchange of knowledge and research ideas between scientists on the one hand, and the needs of patients and the healthcare system on the other, leads to the upgrading of existing solutions in a cyclical rhythm, as well as to the breakthrough and conception of completely new therapeutic approaches to improve the health and life of individuals.

The concept of education at CTGCT is captured in a document called the Advanced Therapy Learning Box, which addresses a variety of audiences: researchers, clinicians, patients and others, and provides a set of tools to help stakeholders on their journey.

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