Round table invitation: Translation of genetic and cellular biomedical research to patients in collaboration with science-clinic-patients

The event is organised by the National Institute of Chemistry under the CTGCT Initiative, EU Horizon, “Teaming for Excellence”.


7th November 2022 at 15.00 CET

at the National Institute of Chemistry, Hajdrihova 19, Ljubljana and an online conference hosted by STA

(link to the event)


We are kindly inviting you to attend our event, a round table discussion about the potential for translating basic research to use for the development of advanced cell and gene therapies, which promise solutions to the most pressing health challenges such as cancer and rare genetic medical conditions. Therapeutic approaches are tailored to the needs of patients and demand active cooperation between patients, researchers, and clinicians, which is already being established in Slovenia. Scientific breakthroughs can and should also be followed by translation to a clinic that not only is of great importance to individual patients but also brings high added value. We will address the cooperation between researchers, clinicians, and patients, what conditions they face today and how to create an environment that will support the development of new therapies also in Slovenia. Such a supportive environment should cover infrastructure and systemic solutions and includes areas such as knowledge transfer and the education of relevant personnel.

All of this will be discussed with representatives of patients with lymphoma and leukaemia and rare genetic diseases, clinicians, and researchers from these fields.